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Company Overview

Lancet Clinical Laboratories is a pathologist  led practice, managed by Dr C. Muronda (CEO), supported by Consultant Histopathologist Dr R. Makunike Mutasa, Consultant Haematologist Dr T Maboreke and General Manager Mrs G. Ramhewa.  It is a member of the Lancet Group of Laboratories originally founded in South Africa.  Lancet Laboratories in South Africa is an internationally ISO-accredited pathology laboratory which has been in the business for more than 50 years, has more than 100 reference laboratories, more than 250 branch offices in various parts of Africa and more than 80 pathologists specializing in different aspects of pathology available for doctors to seek expert opinion whenever they need.

Pathology without Borders

Our clients have accessibility to over 4000 sophisticated routine and specialised tests.  Pathology without borders simply means a boundless pathological laboratory diagnostic provision.  Most specialized pathology services which were not obtainable in Zimbabwe, are now available in Lancet Clinical Laboratories.  It is not all inclusive but an all in – encompassing provision where we offer over 4000 clinical laboratory tests presently and continuously striving to include more.

Our systems are highly automated including reporting of results through email and many other electronic alternatives to hard copy reporting, including Pathportal and the development of an app for both Android and Apple operating systems.

The Main Laboratory

Lancet Clinical Laboratories is equipped with state of the art testing equipment and dedicated staff whose efforts have earned a distinguished reputation of excellence, leadership and integrity. 

Our Reception

Our Reception area is a vital part of our customer focus, as it is here that we take the opportunity to interface with our client partners.   We pride ourselves on treating our patients professionally, with dignity and empathy.